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Transfer of Learning: What Is It And Why Is It So Important

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Screens are everywhere. In 2015, 83% of all 18 to 49 year olds in the US –the age group most likely to have young children –owned a smartphone. It’s kind of clear that screens have become a daily reality, and at Kokoro Kids, we want to make sure kids use them wisely. But kids are kids, and wisdom comes with age. So it’s us –parents –who need to make sure the time our kids spend in front of the screen is useful. How?

Well, using apps like Kokoro Kids sure helps (#humblebrag); since they require active learning, instead of just passive learning. However, it is very important to know what transfer of learning is, why it is important and why it should always happen.

What is transfer of learning?

who has more numbers game and transfer of learning, from lernin

Transfer of learning –or simply “Transfer” –is the partial or total application of knowledge and skills from one situation to another. That is, if your child plays our “Who has more” numbers game, transfer of learning would mean that they can understand and compare quantities in real life.

Why is it so important?

Because learning is not static. Truly learning something means understanding it. Learning is dynamic, it’s a process that requires persistence… and monitoring.

That is why the parents section within our app is so important for us –as well as the weekly reports we send you so you never lose track of your child’s progress –. We believe it is crucial that you can follow your child’s advances at all times.

Besides, and even though Kokoro Kids is a 100% safe environment for children, we always encourage parents to occasionally use kokoro Kids with their children. Why? First of all, because you will have a lot of fun while playing together! And secondly, because it will help you see if your child is correctly interacting with the app, and to make sure they truly understand what they are doing!

What do we do to make transfer of learning easier?

This game makes transfer of learning a lot easier for kids

Transfer of learning is thought to be more likely to happen when contexts are similar. That’s why many of our games recreate activities we do in real life: going to the supermarket, cooking, enjoying nature, eating… that way, it is easier for kids to see how they can apply the games they play on Kokoro Kids to their routine.

We hope you’ve found this post useful! Had you heard about transfer of learning before? Let us know what you think about it on the comments!