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Hilarious Things Kids Say (and Sometimes Make a lot of Sense)

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It’s widely known that kids and drunk people never lie. However, kids are funny and drunk people… not so much so. Anywho, we all have suffered experienced the brutal honesty of kids. From a simple “but mum, you are ooooold” to a more sophisticated statement like “boogers are poop from your nose, so I don’t eat them”. So, we’ve surfed the internet, the world wide web, in search some of the funny things kids say, aaaaaand…

We must admit we didn’t want to spend too much time on this search, but Jesus, it’s absorbing. From tweet to tweet, from subreddit to subreddit, we ended up having more fun than you’re supposed to have at work.

So let’s get at it, let’s check out some of the funny things kids say!

Hilarious things kids say

1. Different music taste, we guess…

2. We’ve all been wondered this at some point of our childhood

3. Hi, Captain Obvious

4. Priorities

5. It kind of makes sense, right?

6. Not only Netflix buffers, apparently

7. Are you pregnant? Do you eat? Well, look at this…

8. You gotta be grateful

9. Technically true, but pretty poor

10. Yucky cheese #concept

11. Aaaaaaaalmost

12. She’ll go far

13. “You gave them to me”

What’s the most surprising thing your kid ever said to you? Let us know what funny things you’ve heard toddlers or kids say on the comments or on Facebook! And don’t forget to have a look at the rest of our posts!