Childhood Fear

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Fear has an adaptive function of survival. It is an emotion that we all develop during our lives, and it is manifested in different ways. Fear is an evolutive process that should disappear little by little as it changes.


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Is Your Child Trying to Avoid School?

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– Good morning, Tim! It’s time to get up! Time to go to school!

– I’m not feeling well… *very poor cough*

We might not remember anymore, but we were kids once too (the good old times…), and we didn’t always like going to school. But we always had our reasons. And those reasons really mattered to us. They kept us awake at night, took away our appetite, made us sad and anxious. And the worst part is that, most times, we didn’t know how to handle or express these emotions, so our parents didn’t really know if something was going on.

If you think your child might be trying to avoid going to school, keep reading, this post might come in handy! (more…)

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