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Toddlers and TV: Should They Watch It?

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So your toddler loves TV, huh? Welcome to the club. All toddlers do. And it makes sense, to be honest. There’s a lot going on: colours, cartoons, noises… it’s like a whole universe inside a box. So  you might be wondering if it’s ok for your toddler to watch TV. And, if it is, how many hours a day/week you should let them do it.

Well, this topic is a bit tricky, like getting into quicksand. We mean, a bit of TV should be OK, right? As long as you’re around, making sure they don’t watch something that isn’t suitable for their age, it should be OK.

However, we understand that, the time you can actually spend with your child, you don’t want to watch TV. You’d rather just enjoy their company and play with them. TV is usually the option for those moments when you need to focus on something (else) and need your child to be calm.

So, how many hours a day/week should toddlers watch TV (while you can’t be with them)? If possible, none. And by TV we mean TV, movies are a different thing. Like, no kid should ever be kept from obsessing over a Disney movie.

And what should they do instead? Well…

Kokoro Kids

We already talked about the advantages of active learning as opposed to passive learning in this beautiful post. With our educational games, your child will be having a lot of fun and learning at the same time.

And, what’s best is that you will actually be able to check what they’ve been up to: what they’ve learned, how long they’ve played for, which games, and a lot more, at any time directly on the app!

We’re available on iOS and Android, so all good, we got you covered.

Maths, words, music, science and art. Hundreds of educational games for kids and toddlers from 2 to 6 years old. New games every week, all of them thought and designed for kids not to even notice how much they are learning! Because we believe that’s key: learning needs to be fun so kids fall in love with it!

Developmental games

We’ve talked about fine motor skills at least twice on our blog. Because they are a thing. And, even though, some of our games can help your child develop them; there’s nothing like traditional games and activities to do this: sorting, stacking, stringing…

Check our post 5 Ways to Develop Fine Motor Skills to know more about this!

Drawing and colouring

Not only is drawing and colouring fun, it also boosts kids’ creativity while keeping them entertained! And, honestly, acquiring the habit of drawing never hurt anybody. Apart from maybe Van Gogh.

Check out these worksheets you can print for your child to fill with colour! Or play the fun coloring games within Kokoro Kids


Toddlers find them super soothing. After all, it’s a soft voice reading their favourite stories out loud! Besides, audiobooks –as opposed to TV –let kids and toddlers imagine the characters and the scenery of the story they are being told.

As always, we hope you’ve found our tips useful! And we’re happy to hear how you are dealing / have dealt with this topic, so don’t hesitate to leave a comment so other parents can learn from your experience!