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8 Fun Indoor Activities Your Kids Will Love

Summer’s over, and the weather is still not too bad, but we kind of already miss cosying up at home, watching movies under a blanket, playing board games… So, shall we get ready for the coming months?

Fun indoor activities for kids

Building a fort

Blankets, sheets, pillows, a couple of sticks aaaaaaand you’re all set! Great place to read, tell stories,

Playing with play dough

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What kid doesn’t enjoy playing with play dough? Not only is it super fun, it’s also a great way for toddlers and kids to develop their fine motor skills. Besides, you can easily make your own play dough with stuff we all have in our kitchen! We tell you how to do it in this post.

Kokoro kids

How could we not recommend our educational games for a rainy day? Hundreds of super fun educational games about maths, words, animals, music, geography… all in one app!

Pie Face Game

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It’s been a thing for a couple of years now, and we still love it. Mainly because it ends up being the perfect excuse to eat pie. Wait… did we say that out loud?


Again, not only will it be an excuse to enjoy some nice pie (without getting it all over your face), baking is a lot of fun by itself. Besides, it’s another great way to develop your kid’s fine motor skills!

Indoor Picnic

Hey, picnics are the best, so why not have them also in autumn and winter? Getting out of the house might be out of the question, but hey, we can also turn our living room into a unique picnic spot. Place a picnic blanket on the floor, and just prepare some sandwiches, spreads and typical picnic food! It will be a lot of fun! It will feel like spring in a way!

Dressing up

dressing up, from 8 Fun Indoor Activities for the Coldest Days Kids Will Love, from lernin blog

Yeah, go a bit crazy. You’re not leaving the house, so make the house whatever you want it to be and dress accordingly: a castle with its King and its Queen, the wild west with all the cowboys, sailors on a boat in the middle of the ocean… not even the sky is the limit!

And, of course, snuggling up with some hot chocolate and embracing the cold

That can be done while watching a nice movie, reading a book to your kid, listening to nice music, or just cuddling! You can also do that in the fort, if you ended up building it –we hope that’s the case –.

What do you and your kid like doing when it’s cold outside? Let us know on the comments, or on our Facebook page!