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Travelling with Kids Without Wanting to Give Up On Life

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“Are we there yet? How long will it take? Muuuuum, Mike is trying to steal my toy from me! I want to throw uuuuup. I need to peeeeeee.” Travelling with kids is, to say the least, eventful. We’ve all been there, we’ve all wanted to own a special remote control that could just mute them until we reached our destination. Like, we love them, but come on.

We have good news, though. Such remote control exists! No, it’s not that. But there are ways to make car trips (or trips in general) nicer for the whole family.

How to make travelling with kids a lot easier

1. Avoid rushing

Travelling with Kids Without Love Actually kid at the airport, from Wanting to Give Up On Life, from lernin blog

However you’re travelling (car, plane, train, bus…), try not to get to places in a rush. We know it’s hard, but this feeling of “OMG WE’RE LATE” will stress your kid, which will end up stressing everyone.

2. Let them explore

If you’re travelling by plane, let the kid roam around the duty free area, look at the planes as they land or take off, have a soda or a glass of juice and a nice chat before actually boarding. We mean, it’s not just good for the kid, who doesn’t like to go to the airport with some spare time to check out the duty free?

3. Let them play

What about letting them play educational games on your/their tablet or smartphone? That way, the trip will be over in no time, and they will be learning while playing!

We mean… it’s always a good time to play Kokoro Kids, right? Remember it’s available both for iOS and for Android!

4. Make them feel useful

baby taking a picture, from Travelling with Kids Without Wanting to Give Up On Life, from lernin blog

We all need to feel useful. If you give your kid a task during the trip, a mission, they will probably deal with the whole trip thing a lot more easily. For example, you can give them a camera and ask them to take photographs of the landscape. They will enjoy it so much you won’t be able to get the camera off their hands!

5. Reward them if they behave well

Set some milestones like not asking “are we there yet” for 30 minutes, or not arguing with their sibling for a couple of hours. If they manage to stay quiet, give them a bit of chocolate, or whatever they love!

6. Play games all together

Modern Family, from Travelling with Kids Without Wanting to Give Up On Life, from lernin blog

Like saying all the words you can think of starting with the letter “w”, or playing Word Chain. We all did that, we all loved that! This way, the whole family will be involved in the game and time will fly!

We hope you find these tips useful and apply them to your next trip! Don’t hesitate to share with us those little tricks that make travelling with kids easier on the comments, on Facebook or on Twitter!