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Best Chores for Kids by Age: Everyone Can Help!

Asking a kid to set the table for lunch is usually a total pain. So much so that many times we end up doing it ourselves. Huge mistake. If our toddler/kid sees us do chores we had initially asked them to do, they’ll think they can get away with not helping at home! And believe us, trying to get a teenager to collaborate will be a lot harder…

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Thing is sometimes it’s hard to know what chores are appropriate for kids and toddlers. Should I ask my 3 year old kid to help fold towels? Or to set the table? Well, wonder no more! We’ve arranged some of the most typical chores for kids by age! [Insert ovation here]

So what chores can your kid help you with?

2-3 years old

  • Clean low surfaces with a wet washcloth
  • Pick up their toys
  • Help set the table (avoid sharp objects)
  • Throw away diapers

All these chores will also help your kid develop their fine motor skills, win-win!

4-5 years old

  • All previous chores
  • Put away their toys
  • Help clean their bedroom
  • Clean the table
  • Fold towels
  • Arrange clean cutlery

6-7 years old

  • All previous chores
  • Help clean the bathroom
  • Make their bed
  • Help with the laundry (put clothes in the washing machine and then take them out, put dry clothes in the dryer…)
  • Take things out of the dishwasher
  • Wash their breakfast dishes
  • Take out the trash

8-9 years old

  • All previous chores
  • Wash some dishes
  • Help cook
  • Help with the vacuum cleaning
  • Sweep floors
  • Make their breakfast (basic things)

As they grow up, they’ll be able to do more stuff, like cleaning the bathroom by themselves, washing the dishes or cooking not too elaborate dinners for themselves and their younger siblings.

By doing this, you’ll make sure they are prepared for living alone –and specially with flatmates –the moment they emancipate. Yes, we know that’s super long term (and you don’t want that moment to come)! But when it happens, you’ll be a lot happier if your not-so-much-of-a-kid-anymore doesn’t call you to know how to do the laundry. And, if you know they can cook proper stuff, you’ll be sure they won’t be living on pizza all throughout college!

Don’t hesitate to tell us what type of chores your kid helps you out with! You can always leave a comment here, on our Facebook page or on Twitter!