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Chalkboard Paint: Make the World Their Canvas!

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As we’ve said before, kids like to express their most creative selves in many different ways. Some of them are OK, some of them are a bit of a pain in the neck inconvenient, like painting on walls. Thing is, wouldn’t you paint on a wall if you could? We’d definitely do it! So, why not dedicate some space of your house to this activity? It will be fun not only for kids, but for the whole family! You’ll just need one thing: chalkboard paint.

What is chalkboard paint?

It’s a special type of paint that turns any surface into chalkboard. You can either buy it or do it yourself  –if you are feeling handcrafty –. Personally, we chose the first option because we didn’t trust our DIY skills to such extent.

Once you’ve got the paint, options are endless! That’s why we’d like to share with you some of our favourite ideas:

1. The magic bedroom

Paint one of your kid’s bedroom walls with chalkboard paint, and let them create their own world within their room. One day, their room can be a castle, the next day, it can be a jungle!

chalkboard paint bedroom kids lernin blog

It’s also a good solution for siblings who share a bedroom, that way they can both have their own bit of wall where they express themselves!

2. Drawing-table

drawing table chalkboard paint lernin blog

And by drawing-table we mean drawing-table. Paint the top of a wood table with chalkboard paint and it will become a super comfortable multipurpose canvas. You won’t waste paper, and your kid will have a lot of fun customising their table!

3. Chalk art

chalkboard paint frames lernin blog

Hang some frames on a wall and let your kids make their own works of art!  They can paint landscapes, family portraits… while decorating the house in a unique way!

4. Chalkboard drawers

This is both beautiful and functional. A great way to make sure everyone knows where everything is!

Besides, you can even make a game out of chalkboard drawers. How? Get a bunch of balls of different colours, or some blocks of different shapes and get your kid to arrange everything by colour and shape. A bit like one of our many games within Kokoro Kids, but in real life!

5. Chalkboard puzzle

chalkboard paint puzzle lernin blog

Get some blocks and paint them with chalkboard. Let your kid stack them as they please and then draw on them. And now… time to destroy! Your kid will have to put the blocks back together and solve the puzzle!

6. Measuring wall

Paint a straight vertical line on any wall (about 10cm wide should be enough), and keep track of your kid’s height without leaving any marks on  doors/walls! Besides, it will look super sweet and original.

Not a big fan of using chalkboard paint on walls?

paper roll chalkboard paint lernin blog

Well, there’s always a plan B. These paper rolls look amazing, they are easy to set up, and your kids will love them! You can either buy them or build them yourself quite easily!

Do you have any chalkboard wall at home? Are your kids little artists who love to express themselves no matter the canvas? Let us know on the comments!