The Kokoro Method

The Kokoro method helps to release the potential of your children at the most crucial time for their development, in a safe environment, with quality content created by experts, without ads, without distractions and adapted to their age.

The aim of the Kokoro method

Our method has been developed in close collaboration with professionals in the sector, ( Designed by experts in early education ) so that your children can develop the necessary skills for their future, with a playful and motivational learning.

It is adaptive, able to evaluate the initial state and progress of your child, in order to adapt the content to their development. Our application draws up a tailor-made curriculum based on current knowledge and reinforcing any shortcomings detected.

Your children will choose their path in Kokoro, encouraging their motivation and progress. The progress is self-directed, since the user chooses the activity to be performed within a selection of games made by experts.

Kokoro Kids is based on original mini-games with sessions of a fixed duration to make their development fun and entertaining.

Kokoro Kids Algorithm

Our method is complemented by an artificial intelligence algorithm that helps to select the most appropriate activities for your child according to their current level, successes, type of games…

The algorithm will propose activities to reinforce the less developed areas and increase the difficulty in those that stand out. Our technology helps us to offer the most appropriate content at the right time so that daily sessions are useful for the development of your cognitive skills.

We work continuously on the development of our algorithm to make it work more efficiently and to provide a personalized recommendation for each user at the right time.

What will my children learn?

Traditional education needs to be complemented by methodologies aimed at facilitating the personal and professional skills of the future. Kokoro Kids is the perfect tool to complement your child’s development.

With the Kokoro method you will not work on traditional subjects, you will carry out activities aimed at developing your skills. And do they affect this development in the future of my children? Without a doubt, these skills are extremely important for the development of the necessary competences for the future.


What are cognitive abilities?

  •  Cognitive interpersonal-emotional ability It is based on the development of two major types of skills, empathy and the ability to manage interpersonal relationships.
  • Cognitive verbal linguistic ability. Related to the sensory capacity in spoken and written language.
  • Naturalistic cognitive ability. Related to acquiring awareness of the environment around us and the need to acquire skills in its conservation.
  • Cognitive spatial-temporal ability. To be aware of our relationship with the environment in the space around us and of ourselves.
  • Artistic cognitive ability (musical and creativity). It involves knowing, understanding, appreciating and critically evaluating different cultural and artistic manifestations.

Is it safe?

Kokoro Kids has been developed with several security protocols to ensure that our children stay in a safe environment, without inappropriate content or advertisements.